Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend? Sunshine? Holiday? Absolutely!

I had to work this morning, and I left the farm in capable hands. Hubby did the launday, organized some out in the yard, and started painting the chicken coop while I was at work. I came home with Chick Fil A (suiting considering how the afternoon was devoted to chickens...). We took a break for lunch, and both painted after. Three sides of the chicken coop-former playhouse, are free. The other side, is one wall of the new-and-improved goat pen. Painting the three free sides was easy (except for one side where a rock comes close- see photo for details). While hubby worked on one of the free sides, I entered the goat pen to paint that side. Bad idea. Jackie and Billy are now wearing lipstick because they got a little too close to the freshly painted red wall. In fact, not only are their lips red, but their ears and tail are as well. Jumpy is best described as flighty. I think of her like the character Brittany on Glee. Ditzy and clueless. Meanie is a whole different story. She is constantly challenging me by rearing up on her hind legs. She wants me to tap her on the forehead. This supposedly mimmicks the goats playing. However, lately Meanie charges me with her horns down. When she makes contact, she brings her horns up, effectivly hooking me. Normally, in the old pen, she couldnt get a huge start because the pen was so small. Now she is back with a vengance. I would lift the paintbrush to paint, and she would charge. Hubby stepped in. She only kind-of charges him. I do exactly what he does, and she has no respect for me. Hubby had an idea. To get her to respect me and leave me alone, we should do what we do with the dogs. Tackle them and make them surrender. Hubby went first. Effortlessly he brought the goat down (with no harm to the goat) and held her with his hand. "And thats how you do it". OK, if he can do it, so can I. Yeah right! The goat must have thought i was doing one crazy dance. I grabbed her horns (as hubby had done). I grabbed her front legs (just like hubby). I bent round in a circle (just like hubby). The goat just went round and round with me (not at all like hubby). Hubby came over and flipped the goat. We stayed like that for a minute or so, with me on top of the goat, showing it who is boss. NOw, this may work with dogs. They will respect you for it. Not with a goat. Meanie, who hated me before, was now furious. When I let her up, she got a running start, and rammed me as hard as she could. My leg now has a big red welt from her horns. Hubby put her on a tie out, so I could finish painting. We are thinking Meanie will make one good barbeque. I dont know what else to do with her. I dont want a goat that I am afraid of. I dont want a goat that will challenge kids who come over. Jumpy can stay, Meanie has to go.

On a better note, Little Guy is completely well. I am amazed he is still with us. He is now fluffy, and growing in his wing feathers. Same as the rest of the chicks. Daily, we take them out of their cage, and let them run about the bathroom. Dont worry mom, we are going to sanitize it 100 times when they are gone. They peck at the floor, flap their wings, and sleep on my leg. Last night, I had 6 little chicks lined up on my ankle, passed out asleep.

Out in the coop, the pullets are growing (they are the 4 medium sized chicks we got a couple months back) The cochin hen (the gorgeous one in the pics) thinks they are her babies. When they are caged she frets about the edge of the cage. When they are loose, she is huddled near. She never leaves the coop with the rest of the chickens. She stays and does the babysitting. I just hope she starts laying soon. Today was a 4 egg day! 3 from the chickens, and one from the duck. The duck took a vacation from laying. Was it just that she was tired? Or was she protesting? If the Reds dont have to lay, why should she? In any case, she is back to laying, and we are all thankful!

The goose should start laying sometime soon too!

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