Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This weekend there were quite a few introductions around the farm. We started Monday off by picking up 4 more ducks. 3 girls and a boy. We stopped on our way home in Ellicott City to do some antique shopping. While wandering around we got a call from a friends dad. He had 12 chickens he was looking to get rid of- did we want them? You bet! After enjoying a wonderful lunch we hopped in the car and picked up the chickens. We came home with 12 more chickens and 4 more ducks. I didnt expect the new hens to start laying, due to stress. I figured we would give them a month to settle in...nope, today we had 9 eggs!

Everyone was cooped up today due to the snow. Friday was in the mid 70s. Last night we got dumped on with snow. I had to work today, while hubby got the day off (base closes for even the smallest bit of snow). I want to give the new girls a few days to get accustomed to the coop before we let them roam free. Come spring, we have plans to build an enclosed chicken run. We will need to, with the chicks being old enough then to join the rest.

When I got off work, I did my daily inspection of the farm. Usually I check everyone in the morning when I feed and water them. Today hubby was on "farm duty" since he was off, so I didnt get to see all the animals. The chicken constantly amaze me. They are generally happy creatures. Even happier when we give them treats of corn, yogurt or popcorn! The ducks are dirty, but noisy as always. When we have nicer weather they will all get baths. When I got to the rabbits, I noticed something different than normal. One of the albino girls has started pulling our her fur. She happens to be the girl who is with the boy right now. We immediately took him out, and gave her lots more bedding. My theory is that she is pregnant! She has been busy building a nest ever since! Upon inspection, the other albino girl seems to be pregnant too. They each have seperate cages now, where they can have kits and not be disturbed. Hopefully the babies wont freeze like last time. Now if only the angora girls would have babies. I am dreaming of all the fiber!

This weekend we introduced the new chickens and ducks to the farm. Hopefully soon we will be introducing baby bunnies! Welcome to Victory Garden Farm Ya'll!

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