Friday, February 25, 2011

A Useful Christmas Gift

For Christmas, my parents gave Hubby a Shop Vac. I assumed it was something he would keep in his workshed. I had no idea how useful it would be in the future. For example, a while ago, the downstairs kitchen sink flooded. Water was everywhere. My first instinct was to grab all the towels in the house. Hubby had other ideas. Out came the shop vac, gone was the water and there was no need to get my towels wet. Awesomeness!
Last night I couldnt sleep. I tried mind you. I just laid there trying to sleep but really thinking of all the things I needed to clean around the house. Outside there is snow on the ground. That means any entryway in the house is either covered in wet or muddy footprints. This morning after doing all the farm chores, I let the dogs have free run of the downstairs. I busted out the Shop Vac to see what Hubbys Christmas gift was all about. I vac'ed the downstairs kitchen...and the laundry room...and the fireplace (man that thing even sucks up whole socks!)...and I started on the carpet in the hallway! I dont think there is a surface the shop vac cant handle. I might be in love. The hose is way longer than that of a vacuum. It holds sooo much more than a normal vacuum. It can clean wet or dry. A jack of all trades! There might be more vac'ing tonight when I get home from work. I know the floors wont stay clean as long as there is snow on the ground. Its ok. I can use the shop vac. Thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks Hubby for leaving it in the house!

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  1. I told you this was my new best friend! I love that you are falling in love.