Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Bunnies

Yesterday when I mentioned we might have baby bunnies, I had no idea how right I was. I knew one of our albinos was pregnant, but I wasnt sure about the other girl. Hubby went out to check on the pregnant doe last night and discovered she was in labor. We left her to it, while closely monitoring her at the same time. She is now the proud mama to 6 babies. She delivered 7, but one didnt make it. Since the temperature got down to 2 last night, I brought her in this morning. Mama and babies are now in the bathtub, surrounded by old towels. Its amazing really. She completely filled the nesting box with her fur. Its like the babies are sleeping in a cloud of their mamas fur. How awesome! It definitely says something about the mama. Like any mom out their whether human or not, she is willing to give anything for her new babes. She has bare patches of skin where she pulled out fur. Now if that isnt bunny love, I dont know what is!

Mama albino's sister also gave birth. Sadly, as it is common for most first time bunny mamas, her litter was all stillborn. During my research, everything agreed that there was nothing to be done. Although she did pull out fur to start a nest, she didnt make it warm or cozy enough for the little ones to survive. I am hoping the research is right, and she will learn from this experience and be a better mama next time. The mama that has the living babies, had a litter a while back that died. We are going to let both mamas heal and be pampered. I am hoping all the babies survive.

The rest of the farm is doing well. All water buckets were frozen solid from the cold last night. I hiked out in the snow, wearing my hand-me-down ugg boots from my sisters. I love those boots! All animals now have feed and water. The cats are locked in another bathroom so they wont get near the bunnies. I have a toasty cup of coffee and a bit of time before work. Happy Bunny Day!

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