Monday, November 24, 2014

On My Wheel

Along with the knitting bug, I have also been bitten by the spinning bug.  There is not a lot of room in the RV to spin, so I have been taking my wheel to work.  Since I work over night and most of the time the boys are sleeping, I have plenty of time for spinning, knitting or napping.  I am able to spin pretty consistently, but really need to work on my plying.  For those non fiber readers, first you spin whats considered a single.  Once the fiber is spun, you spin two singles together (called plying) which makes a stronger yarn.  You could knit with singles, but your knitting will be slanted and more likely to break.  You can also spin three singles together for an even stronger but also way stiffer yarn.  The most common is a 2-ply yarn.  I look forward to practicing more until I can get my plying consistent. 

This is considered a good ply... so its not all bad!

Can you see how some are twisted together well and others are definitely NOT?

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  1. Jessica, you are amazing. What can't you do? After you create something with the yarn you are spinning, send me a picture of it. The color is beautiful!
    Love u,