Friday, July 29, 2011

A Birthday Celebration and some thrifty finds

It seems like I am always a day late and a dollar short...but, I wanted to say that yesterday was my amazing hubby's birthday! We celebrated by going out to dinner at Outback (totally not WW I know). He opened a present before leaving for work, more presents from his family at dinner, and my presents after the nightly chores. One of the reasons I love him so much is his willingness to help anyone, anytime. Last night while doing chores, we noticed that Alden (the sheep) was limping. Hubby was able to pin him down, clean off his hooves and administer hoof medicine. I dont think he expected to get down and dirty with a sheep on his birthday. Hubby also had to crawl in the chick pen to rescue a baby chick caught in the chicken wire. Happy Birthday! Ha! The rest of the evening was spent relaxing (watching one of his new dvds). We are having a birthday party for him tomorrow so the celebration will continue.

While in town, waiting for the birthday boy to get off work, I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Love that place! I found an old screen door, and took it home with me. Somedays its dangerous that I have a truck. I swung by the antique store and picked up some chippy pots, a hanging basket, and some magazines (for $1). I also took a load of wet smelly carpet to the dump (all on my own thank you very much). I was quite a sight trying to get the heavy carpet out of my truck all alone...haha. One of hubby's friends is moving back to texas today, and yesterday he gave us his propane grill, complete with 2 propane tanks, grill accessories and some things for the garden. The military only allows you a certain weight to move, and his house was overweight. So we scored a bunch of free stuff! Not too bad for a birthday!

Now I am organizing the house, before I run off to work. Tomorrow I work unitil 1230, and the party starts at 2...yikes!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


SORRY! I didnt mean to be away from the blog for so long. I can come up with a million excuses, but I wont list them here. Please accept my apologies for being away.

This morning was a WW meeting. I thought it wouldnt be good news, but I was down 1.4lbs! Pretty exciting...

Yesterday hubby found one of the banty (mini) hens with eight chicks. EIGHT! We had thought she had got eaten or killed somehow because she had been missing for a while. Turns out she was missing because she was hiding, sitting on her eggs. We caught mama and all the chicks and they are now in a chick safe pen. At night, they all huddle under mama. Not like they need the warmth as it is super super hot here....The mama hen is little to begin with and its fun to watch her try to spread out to cover all the chicks. They all have different colors, and we are looking forward to seeing how they grow up.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer on the Farm

Well, summer is in full swing here. Along with parties, fireflies, humidity and good old fashioned fun. The animals are growing like weeds (so are the actual weeds). Stay tuned in the next month to meet the hopeful additions. We had some friends over for a 4th Party. Who doesnt love hanging out with friends. Everyone was in the military (or married to it). One of the families is moving to Germany at the end of this month. Its always hard saying goodbye to friends. On the other hand, there is a saying in the Army- "its never goodbye in the Army". So we will say adios to our friends, not knowing when we will see each other again. I trust that our paths will cross somewhere in the future. Speaking of parties, Hubbys birthday is at the end of the month and we are thowing him a birthday bbq. A different set of friends will be coming (all military again) and we will bbq, play horseshoes and shoot the breeze. We are looking forward to it.

I was looking at our calander and thinking how every month for the next few months we have something fun planned. July is parties, August we are going away for a weekend to Lancaster with some friends. September brings Hubby's sister for a visit (yay T!). October is filled with our anniversary, my birthday, and a visit from my mom, grandma and aunt. How can I not be excited? If anyone else wants to come out, you are more than welcome!

Summer is filled with fun. From sitting on the porch watching the lightning bugs, to hubby playing softball on base. There is lots of veggetation for the animals to munch on. We have been picking raspberries like nobodies business! Kisses is producing enough milk for us to enjoy. The garden is delivering on its promises of fresh veggies. We are generally more relaxed as we go through our day. There is no rush as there is in winter. All in all, summer on the farm is pretty darn nice! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Wednesday Weigh In

...or not. I was supposed to weigh in yesterday, but I have a good excuse... Tues night I got a call from a friend from California. He and his wife were in town just for one night, and wanted to go to dinner. There wasnt time to go to the weigh in and dinner, so I opted for meeting friends. I will resume meetings next week!