Sunday, February 6, 2011


So our bathroom chicks have graduated to the big coop. They are still in their cage so that the hens wont attack them. Everywhere I have read has said that unless the chicks are the same size (or close enough) to the originals, the originals will see them as weak and peck on them. I couldnt just sick them out in the coop to be tormented, but I also couldnt keep them in the bathroom (for sanitary reasons). The perfect solution was to put the whole cage in the large coop. This way the chicks will get used to the larger birds, and the originals will be accustomed to the smaller chicks. The hens are faithfully laying 1-3 eggs a day. Today was a 3 egg day. In the large coop we have the 3 original hens, George and Joseph the roosters. The 2 reds and 1 cochin are in a smaller seperate coop since the reds are molting right now. They look sick and I hope they will grow new feathers soon.
We are anticipating 30 more day-old chicks to come on Valentines Day. Sooo much better than chocolate, I dare say! We are planning out a brooder situation right now and looking forward to their arrival.
Today the weather is gorgeous. Cold, but gorgeous! The sun is shining, and melting the ice and snow. The snow on the barn roof is steaming from the heat of the sun. I spent the morning curled up under a quilt, reading a book about the amish. This evening we are going to a friends house for dinner. All in all, its a perfect, lazy Sunday. Exactly what we need here on the farm, to gear up for the work week. But we wont talk about work. No, I wouldnt want to spoil this perfect day. I hope your Sunday is just as wonderful!

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