Friday, February 25, 2011

Mama Bunny

If Chickens are known for their care free, live in the moment, worry free lives, Mama Bunny is the opposite. She is worried about everything. She doesnt hang out by her nest with the babies for fear that a predator might see her and get to her darlings. She is worried about making a mess. She will use one area of her cage for a toilet so that her house is always tidy. When she gave birth to her babes, she ate her placenta and cleaned up all the evidence. When she gave birth as you know there were 6 living babies. Out of those 6, 1 was super small. He was definitely the runt of the litter. Hubby and I were not sure if he would make it. This evening after I got home from work, I went to check on Mama Bunny and her brood. There she was, eating the runt. Mind you, he was already dead. Nevertheless, she was cleaning up the evidence. Worried something might smell a dead baby. She wasnt about to wait around for us humans to dispose of the poor thing. No, she took matters into her own hands. No doubt she worried about the poor guy all the way up until his death. And then worried about the safety of the rest of the litter. What Mama Bunny doesnt know, is that there are no predators in our bathroom, where she is currently taking up residence. There is nothing to smell the dead babe and come after them. But Mama Bunny worried just the same. I immediately scooped up the half eaten runt and disposed of him. It might be nature, but no mother should eat her young, not if I have anything to say about it. Now Mama Bunny is resting in the bathroom, with the rest of her brood. Who, by the way, have the roundest bellies. They are just starting to get fuzz for fur. Their eyes are still not open, but they have floppy bunny ears... I cant wait until they are out of the nest and more bunny like....
The carefree chickens, on the other hand, were cooped up today. We had a huge rain/wind storm and I didnt want them blowing away. When I checked the eggs this evening there were 9. 9! Wahoo! Its a good thing I left them in the coop. The wind tore the patio umbrella (that was centered inside the patio table) out of its stand, over the roof of the house, where it now sits on the front porch, just waiting to greet hubby when he returns from poker. I dont think those chickens would have stood a chance against the storm... I did feed them green beans this morning, so at least they got a treat.

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