Friday, November 14, 2014


      Last week hubby and I bought two kayaks! And of course this week we have sub freezing temperatures and will not be taking them out anywhere. We had been debating about getting them for a while, and finally the sports store had a huge sale on them!  Hubby got a fancier one then mine so he can take it fishing.  I got the cheapest one they had.  No bells and whistles for this girl!  We can see the river from our RV so we dont have to go too far to put in.  When the river is up we can go for a good while.  We now have a "loop" we do.  We can only go up to the rapids (hubby tried going up the rapids but they are too shallow and he had to get out and walk) and back.  Doing this 3 times takes maybe 30 minutes.  I like to take my time on the way back since it is going with the current and I can watch the wildlife on the banks.  There has never been anyone else on the river with us and it feels like a magical place of our own.  
      What is my favorite part of my kayak you might ask?  The coffee cup holder!  I have yet to take coffee.  I did try taking a water bottle and I kinda mighta tipped the kayak and the bottle fell out.  I didnt want to drink it after it went in the river so I just threw it out.  Might have to practice so I dont waste good coffee!

Of course I had to get the hot pink paddles and hubby got the cammo ones.  Those fish sure wont see HIM coming.  haha.

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