Friday, February 11, 2011

Debt Free

Its done! We paid off both the credit cards, and cancelled the accounts! This is a HUGE step for us. Its super scary, but definitely needed. No longer can we just use the card for something we want but cant afford. Sure, it might affect my credit score, but we decided its worth it. The only debt we have now is the house. I understand that according to Murphy's Law, now something is going to go wrong and be terribly expensive to fix. So now we will focus on building an emergency fund. Its going to be hard work but I know we can do it!
Hopefully within the year, the farm will be making a little more money. We are selling our eggs for $2 a doz. I think this is a fair price, since they are farm fresh and free range. Our new chicks are coming next week. In 5 months they will be laying and we can really start producing eggs.
All the animals are fed, watered and happy. Ill spare you the details of the goats escaping their pen this morning. lets just say I was running around chasing them in my pjs and hand me down ugg boots. Jumpy (one of the goats) doesnt have a collar (since she broke it a while back) and I had to pull her by her horns to get her back in...but i wont go into that adventure. Off to work now. I hope everyone has a debt free day!

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