Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family Cloth... Again

     Living in the RV poses a lot of challenges.  We are constantly learning and adapting!  We had been having issues with our black tank (aka the poop tank) getting clogged and stinking to high heaven!  Talk about gross!  We have found that even 1 ply toilet paper can clog our tank.  Maybe our tank is extra sensitive.  In order to keep the tank working as it should (and not smelling too bad) I don't use toilet paper at all.  I am back to the "family cloth".  I ordered flannel cloths from FamilyClothWipes on etsy and love them!  They feel so much softer on your bum than normal tp.  We have a small trash can for dirty wipes and wash them in hot water when we get near to running out.  

    What would you do to save your black tank?  Is this too extreme?

The cloths live on a little shelf next to the toilet.


  1. Family Cloths are a great way to deal with the problem! Love the camo! Ours reside in a basket next to the toilet. With space at a premium in an RV, the counter top is great... unless hanging them from the ceiling or on the cupboard door might work.


  2. Yes, its too extreme, Jessica. You could use t paper and put it in a bag rather than the toilet. Please listen to your grammy because I love you.