Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunshine, A goat pen, and paint

Today was such a beautiful day! The temperature was in the mid 50s, which is super warm compared to what we have had. Fortunately for me, I had the day off. We had been wanting to rearrange the goat pen for a while, so I adopted that as my project for the day. It was meant to be our goal once hubby gets home from work, but he is working late I started...and finished it on my own! Of course I will have hubby check all the fence connectors and tighten what I couldnt. We moved the goats out of the barn (did I mention yesterday that they went through the barn wall and hubby found them in the frontyard?) Now, their pen is attached to the chicken house. The chickens can watch the goats out their back window! The goat pen is now huge! We combined the goats fencing with the dogs fencing for one huge pen. They have multiple shelters, as well as rocks to climb on. Jumpy, loves to be up high. She will stand on the tallest rock, or even on top of the dog house. Meanie has a ton of room to run around, and Jackie and Billy have places to hide from her. I think they will like this new arrangement way better. We have real fencing to put up come spring, but the ground is still too frozen, so this is temporary.
I am starting a new painting project (no more walls to paint). It involves canvass, stencils, letters and green paint to match the living room and kitchen... Ill post more about it when its to paint now!

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