Saturday, May 31, 2014

Settling Back In

Dear Readers,
  Please let me apologize about the lack of blog posting that's been going on over here!  I had considered starting a new blog since Hubby and I are in a new-ish chapter of our lives.  Victory Garden Farm didn't seem so appropriate since we no longer farm (at least not right now).  When we moved to Texas, we both accepted jobs out of fear that we might not get another offer.  I was working at the car dealership and Hubby accepted a job working as a correctional officer at a nearby jail and continuing to work part time at Home Depot.  Hubby was working nights, I was working days and as you can imagine, we NEVER got to see each other.  I hated my job (almost from the get-go) and tried sticking it out in case we needed the benefits.  We figured out that Hubby's benefits were better than mine and from that moment I started crunching numbers to see if it would work for me to stay home.  Hubby and I talked endlessly about what to do and finally decided that I would stay home.  I have been "staying home" for 2 weeks now and what a difference it has made!  We don't eat out nearly as often as we did before.  Need I mention that in April alone we spent over $800 just on eating out?? That doesn't even include groceries.  If I worked all day, I would get home and be way "too tired" to cook, so we would go out if Hubby was off that night.  If he worked that evening you could most likely find me eating fast food.  Not good on my belt or budget! 
  Now that I am a stay at home housewife I can finally tackle the home projects that were put on the back burner.  I am organizing, unpacking boxes and generally making a mess of the apartment.  The goal is to get everything organized and put away so we can reduce the size of our storage unit.  Hubby is hoping to hear back next week about a different job prospect that would allow him to just work one job, instead of juggling two.  I have no idea how he manages to work as much as he does, but I am incredibly thankful!  I have decided that it is my job to make sure he has lunches packed, clothes washed and ironed and anything he needs to support him working.  Our budget is super tight (I'll post June's budget soon so you can see what I mean).  We both decided it would be better to have me home with a tight budget than me work and have the extra money.  I have been babysitting a few days a week to bring in some cash.  In a near future post I will share my lofty savings goal.  Stay tuned. 
  If you have stuck with me thus far, I commend you.  Thank you!  I will do my best to get back to posting regularly.  The blog might have less farm animals, but it will still chronicle our "self-sufficient as possible" life.