Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Bunnies, Stump Burning and Paint

After working this morning, I returned home to a beautiful day! Changed into what I call my "farm clothes" ie yoga pants and a stained/paint covered old sweatshirt of Hubby's. Hubby and I spent the afternoon out in the yard. I grabbed my bucket of "barn and fence paint" and went to town. I painted our raised garden beds that will be for the chickens. I painted wooden chairs that will go in the chicken coop. Most excitedly, I painted the bee hives. They were white to begin with, and I just gave them a fresh coat. We ordered our bees last week, and if everything goes well, we will have them by April March timeframe (I think). While I painted, hubby played with fire. Well, kinda. You see, we have these two big stumps near the chicken coop. The trees were cut down years ago. The stumps are ugly. They are half gone, so you cant really use them for anything. Too low to the ground to cut up further. Hubby started a hole in the center, and spent the next few hours tending a fire in both stumps. Today was a perfect day for stump burning. The ground is still wet from all the rain and snow and there was practically no wind. One of the stumps is mostly gone, and the larger one will need a couple more sessions with my pyromaniac.

During all this hard work, we did make time to check on the baby bunnies. They are so chubby, which remains a mystery to me. They pass their time in the nest box, covered in fur. I have no idea how they are able to nurse or even find mama bunny amid all that fur. Apparently its working, because their bellies are growing. They are getting hair, and looking more and more like bunnies. I cant wait until their eyes open! Speaking about bunnies, it looks like one, maybe two of the angoras are due. We are unsure who, if either is pregnant, but they are both building nests. I am nervous about the babies surviving, since this will be both their first litters. Its out of my hands. We made sure they both have adequate food and water, and will leave them be for the night.

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