Sunday, February 27, 2011

A lack of change

Hubby and I made a trip to Goodwill today. Its amazing how we go to donate stuff we dont need and come home with new stuff. Usually we return bearing books. Today, it was the Little House on the Prairie series for me. This was a childhood favorite. I remember being allowed to watch the tv show as long as my homework was done, and I had practiced piano for an alloted time. Oh how I loved Laura's adventures. I still do. This evening, after all the farm chores were done I settled in for a bath, with Little House in the Big Woods. Re reading this series started me thinking. Growing up, I loved anything having to do with the pioneers. I loved Little House, reading about the Donner Party (and visiting Donner Lake). I loved playing with my American Dolls. I loved my dollhouses, built by my grandpa. I would decorate and "play" with the dolls. They even had pizza, tea sets, Christmas lights and snow! To sum up my favorites then, I liked decorating, playing house, and homesteading. Funny, those are still my favorites today. I love decorating our real house. I love anything about homesteading, including re reading childhood books on the subject. Is this just a coincidence? I dont think so. I started thinking about my sisters, and their likes as well. My sister A, loved bugs, drawing, and nature. She had a poster board with pined on dead insects that lived in the garage forever. She would draw, sketch and paint her heart out. She loved anything having to do with nature and animals. To this day, she loves the same things. A runs an art school that also houses exotic animals and reptiles. She is an amazing artist and I am proud to show off her work in our house. She shares her love of art, nature and animals with kids of all ages. My "little sister" J, loved math. She loved puzzles- both physical and mental. Any time we went on a trip, she brought a "mind puzzle" book. J loved making lists and filling out forms. If we checked into a hotel, she would fill out the registration form. Visitor forms at church? she was on it! J made lists and census' for everything. Today, she is a super important HR employee for a company back home. She continues to enjoy puzzles. She loves sudoku. Its a safe bet, at Christmas, she will complete multiple puzzles. Her favorite game is Monopoly, where the whole game is planning, math and strategy.
Looking back, its amazing how we have changed so much yet so little. Is it normal that people are still passionate about the things they enjoyed growing up? Normal or not, I think its incredible! So here's to playing house, art and math and hoping we dont change too much in the next 20 some years.

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