Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this is the story of an egg...

I got off work early today, came home and straightaway checked the chickens. One egg. I took the egg inside, put it with the others, and changed into work clothes before continuing with the rest of the farm chores. Somewhere in there I made a pot of coffee (too cold to survive without it). I returned outside to feed and water the animals. Funny how water freezes so fast when its cold outside. I decided to let the chickens free range. Everytime I open their screen door to go in, they try to make a mad dash to escape. Its not like they run away, since they return to their coop when they are tired or too cold. I proped their door open and went to check on the goats. While tending to the goats, I noticed that one hen was missing. Did a fox get it when I wasnt looking? A Hawk? I decided to check the coop again. There was the missing hen, just sitting in a box, waiting patiently to lay her egg. After many checks, she had abandoned her box to join the others, leaving a perfectly new, warm egg as a present. I imagine that she went out to the others, who were frolicking in the snow, and told them the wonderful news. Well the third hen didnt want to be left out. She ran her little chicken legs to the coop, and is presently sitting in a box awaiting her egg. I can just picture her, joining the others, proud that she too laid an egg. It looks like it will be a 3 egg day. Amazes me everytime! I know we risk losing one (or all) of the chickens when they free range. But you should hear them. They are so excited to be free. I think its worth the risk to have happy chickens.

The chickens are happy. The ducks have a thawed out dish pan to play in. The ducks are happy. The goats are fed (and even got some bagels) and happy. The dogs are laying in the office at my feet. I'd say they are happy too. I have a nice hot cup of coffee, and am quite content myself. I will be extra happy when I convince myself to brave the cold and retrieve that third egg.

P.S. 31 more chicks are coming on Monday!!!

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