Sunday, June 30, 2013

Using What You Got- In the Yard

Hubby and I have really been working on sprucing up our property.  We realize that our house needs some major curb appeal, and I mean major!  Our mailbox was pretty shabby looking, the lawn was way too long (since our mower quit), the "plants" err weeds were taking over the flower beds and the place wasn't looking too hot in general.  We are trying to fix it up while spending as little as possible.  I have been taking a mental inventory of what we have laying around that we could actually put to use.  One item that really stood out was this garden gate.  This gate has been well loved.  I originally bought it on craigslist from a lady who was redoing their fencing.  We used it as a planter backdrop, a decoration and even a headboard.  Today thanks to Hubby, it is proudly serving once again as a functioning garden gate!  We still have to add fencing on the other side, but now it divides the parking area and the steps leading to the backyard.  We only had to buy a new gate latch (which we haven't put on yet) but otherwise we didn't have to spend any money on it.  We have a couple more gates we plan on putting to use in the garden and goat pen. 

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