Monday, June 17, 2013

So Proud of Hubby

I am so thankful for a handy hubby.  He is super good at fixing things around the house.  He also has an artistic side.  This week, that side of him really came out to shine.  For Christmas he had bought me an antler hair stick (that was on my etsy wishlist).  Once he saw it, he mentioned that he would like to try and make one.

We have had a bunch of antler sheds (each year a Buck will drop his antlers and regrow new ones) around the house.  I figured it would take him a few tries to get it right.  Boy did he prove me wrong!  The first one he made was amazing.  And the second.  Then he made buttons.  Then straight hair sticks.  Then carved pieces to be put on barrettes.  Now he is excitedly talking about craft fairs, and selling items on etsy.  I listed one hair stick to see how it sells.  I can't wait to put the antler buttons on a hand knit garment.  I am so excited that Hubby has found an outlet where he can express his artistic side. 

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  1. Awesome... all of it just awesome!