Monday, June 3, 2013

Repurposing and Decorating

We got rid of our king size bed (the frame was cracked and kept falling and the mattress was old and bumpy) but I couldnt bear to throw away the perfectly good wood slats from the frame.  For a while they sat in the closet until an idea popped into my head.

  Our hallway has been pretty non-exciting as many hallways are.  The light fixture was loose and didnt work.  Sometimes you could slam your fist on the wall and the light would come on for a few seconds.  haha.  I thought I could use the bed slats nailed to the wall as a board and batten style hallway.  One day while hubby was at work I measured and nailed the slats to the wall.  We bought a couple pieces of trim from Home Depot for a railing and Hubby cut them to the correct lengths.  I painted from the railing down a fresh coat of white, and grey above.  One sunny day Hubby fixed the light (we had to wait for sun so he could see what he was doing after we turned off the breaker).  I still have to repaint the french doors white but the hallway is looking soo much better!  We had some old window panes in the basement so I added hooks and hung them.

For the entire project we only had to buy the couple pieces of trim for the railing.  We already had the paint, and the slats were free obviously!  I still have another set of the slats which I need to find something to turn them into.  What do you think about our hallway mini makeover?


  1. wow what a big and wonderful change. Your hallway now lookes like something out of a glossy magazine. congrats!

  2. Nicely done! That looks fantastic!