Friday, June 14, 2013

A New Frugal Bathmat

On Pinterest I fell in love with a quilted bathmat.  I thought about buying new fabric to make my own, but decided against it.  In my quilt chest I have a collection of antique quilts, including this crib sized quilt.  I am guessing its from the 70s based on the patterns.  I have never really had a place to put it, since its so small.  And the binding/backing was super ugly.   Keeping with the re purposing mindset, I decided to make the bathmat from this quilt.  I measured and cut the quilt (it was super hard to cut an antique quilt!) and removed the backing, taking care not to cut into the squares I was saving.  I love the vintage-y-ness of the quilt and tried to leave it as in tact as possible.  I even left the blue yarn tufts that connected all the layers.  I then sewed the quilt to a white towel and bound the edges.  When all is said and done, it looks like a small quilt on one side with a towel on the other.  I love it!  It was super frugal too since I already had the quilt and towel.  I did have to buy a heavy duty sewing needle because I kept breaking the regular ones.  Considering how I used a coupon it only cost me two bucks (for a whole pack of needles).  I am in love with my new mat and might make a matching one for the sink.  Especially since it only cost a couple bucks to make!  

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  1. Love it! It inspires me! My rag rugs are wearing out and I've already patched them. Might give this a try.