Saturday, June 1, 2013

No time for a gym

Living half hour from town means we have to give up certain luxuries.  There is no popping into the store for this or that.  Everything has to be planned and mapped out or we would waste so much money on gas.  It also means no gym membership.  There is no way I can get up at 5 to milk, then go to work until 5, milk again at 6 and still have time to drive half hour to go to the gym and half hour to get back.  I am not going to use the "I live too far from a gym" as an excuse to not workout.  I have been trying to maximize my time, and thought that I could take the kids I nanny for on a daily walk.  I found an inexpensive used double jogging stroller on craigslist (the parents didnt have one) and have been taking the boys out in the mornings.  This past week the temperature was in the 90s.  We put their older sister on the bus at 830 and then head straight on our walk.  The baby is pretty chill on our walks.  The 3 year old will wave and signal for truckers to honk their horns.  He loves going walks and seeing the sights.  There is a stop sign exactly one mile from their house.  We walk to the stop sign, touch it and turn around to head home.  So at least four days a week we get a 2 mile walk in.

  On my days off, I can take the dogs for a walk on my road, or go on the treadmill if its too hot outside.  Last week Hubby and I brought the treadmill up from the basement where it wasnt assembled.  Somehow over the past year we lost the bag with the screws for the treadmill.  We had taken it apart to move and the screws must have got thrown out.  So we have had a perfectly good, but useless treadmill in the basement.  I had started looking on craigslist for a treadmill and was thinking how silly it was when I had one downstairs.  I contacted the company who made the treadmill and for $30 they sent me a bag of screws and tools to put it together.  Yay!  Not only did I not have to buy a new treadmill, I saved a ton of money.  The screws came and Hubby put it together for me.  We also moved up the exercise bike and a oscillating fan to cool us off.  Maybe in the future we will put a small tv in there to watch while working out.  The treadmill connects to your ipod/iphone and has built in speakers.

Now both Hubby and I can workout together (or alone) without having to drive half hour to town.  By not paying for a gym membership we are saving money and time (for the commute).  Whats not to love about that?

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