Friday, January 4, 2013

Changes Are A'Comin

Hello!  Anyone still out there?  I see that my last blog post was in November.  Yikes!  Let me apologize for not giving you all more attention.  I have been working out a ton of personal issues both on my own and with my counselor.  I am so excited to say that there are going to be some changes coming, and soon.  I can't say just yet (no I am not pregnant or anything like that) but I did want to share my hope.  Victory Garden Farm is going to pick back up in a different way.  Although these changes are positive, they mean there are also going to be difficult changes. 2013 is going to be super frugal, by necessity.  I am talking no Starbucks, Netflix or eating out (to name a few).  There will (hopefully) be gardening involved.  No animals quite yet. 
  In keeping with the World War II Victory Gardens, we will learn to "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do with out".  I will not be buying yarn (unless I have a gift card).  I will not be buying clothes at the mall- hey goodwill has a big selection too!  I will be fixing things (maybe that will be the title of my next post) instead of buying a new one.  I am going to learn to be frugal, or even more frugal than now.  My garden will give me hope.  Not that it will bring soldiers back safely (like during the war) but that it will bring me back to ME safely.  Since leaving Maryland in July I have been figuring out what I really enjoy and what I don't enjoy at all.  I enjoy having dirt under my nails vs gorgeous french tip acrylic nails.  This past year I have had both.  I enjoy the hard work that my "old" life blessed me with.  I don't enjoy sitting in front of the tv or computer bored.  I enjoy making my own, grown up decisions.  My counselor and I have been working on not letting others tell me what to decide.  Which brings me to why, I can't tell you (yet) whats going on.  Some people very dear to me might not (cough- won't) like my decision.  I am learning to be ok with that.   I need to be unafraid of making mistakes.  I need to learn to pick myself up and get back on that proverbial horse.  Until now, I didn't feel that I had the freedom to say this is what I am doing.  I might fail, I might not, but either way, its something I have to do for me.  If it works then I will be on the moon.  If it doesn't work, I want to say I gave it my all.  I wasn't afraid to try and fall.  I am not afraid.  It is my prayer that those around me (who will not be thrilled with my decision) will accept that and support me despite of their hesitations. 
  So with that, dear readers, I am raising up my sails and picking up my anchor.  My telescope is focused on where I want to go, and the wind is in my favor.  Changes are a'comin I say, oh yes they are!


  1. Best of luck on your new adventure in life! God made you to be you and only you...His plans may not make sense to anyone else but put your trust in Him and He will be good to you.

  2. I am a big fan of Goodwill. You can't beat the prices, you're supporting a great cause, and I find it's much easier to find modest clothing than shopping at regular women's clothing stores, where the trend is skin, skin, skin. There's a lot of great vintage clothing, too, which suits my taste very well.

  3. Yay, you're back! Here's hoping you'll be back all around in 2013!

  4. Good for you!! I look forward to reading about your successes!! <3