Saturday, January 26, 2013

Make it do... or do without

After yesterday's post on failing in frugality, I thought I should spend more time working on my new motto.  I recently embroidered this sampler with the old saying
"use it up,
wear it out,
make it do,
or do without"
I always love the "idea" of something.  I had convinced myself that I would follow this mantra to the core.  However as exampled in the un paper towel episode, I haven't quite got it down yet.  If I needed towels in the kitchen, I could have used regular dish towels that I already own- making them free.  I could have used an old t-shirt, or flannel shirt.  I could have even sewed those towels from yesterday, but using materials I already had.  Instead I ran to the store and bought cute fabric.  Apparently I don't understand the "or do without" part.  I am no where near claiming to be perfect, and hopefully by acknowledging my short comings, I will be able to work on them.  I know that when I repurpose something I already own, or that is given to me, I feel so much more accomplished.  I am more proud of "making it do".  Until then, I will frame my embroidery (in a frame I already have) and try to take the mantra to heart.  Otherwise its just a pretty embroidery hanging on my wall, which is not what I want.  But it is pretty...


  1. Very cute! We love that saying here too. Don't be too hard on yourself, its not easy giving up everything at once. Allow a few "cheats" here and there so you don't go off the deep end when the opportunity arises.

  2. I wish more people would take heed in that sentiment. . .