Monday, January 28, 2013

A Garden Apron

In keeping with the sewing theme this week, I made an apron.  I have had this fabric and pattern in my sewing box for a while, I was just too scared to actually cut the fabric.  Being holed up housesitting, I finally sat down to start cutting.
  I made Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt in sewing class (we got to pick our own projects) last fall.  The apron pattern is included in the skirt pattern, so I didnt have to buy a new pattern.  I didnt realize that the pattern is reversible making it double the work.  But I love it now that everything is said and done.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, its all I had while housesitting.

The apron is done in two separate pieces and reminds me of chaps.  I am considering sewing this closed, but am not sure how it will affect mobility.  I have decided to use it as is for now, and I can always sew it shut later.

The back side.  Love the ties!

The reverse side matches the ties and band in a simple green gingham.


  1. Very cute. I see what you mean about sewing the two parts was the first thing I thought as well. Love the print on the fabric.

  2. So cute! I like the open design, you can lift up one side to wipe you hands. I doubt that much splash will find its way through the close opening in the front.
    I think I may have forgotten that sewing can make cool functional things too, not just fancy things I can't afford!