Thursday, January 24, 2013

A girl. A Sewing Machine. An addiction.

This week I have been house sitting.  There is no cable and I am loving it!  It forces me to be productive.  I brought my sewing machine and laptop with me.  While its always strange to be in someone else's house without them there, it also makes things simpler.  My spare time (in between work and caring for the animals) is spent watching a dvd and sewing/knitting.  So far I have made two and a half socks- one complete pair, and I just turned the heel on the first of another pair.  I brought along some veggie fabric, with the thought that I would make reusable paper towels.  The frugality of my project will be saved for another post.  Not only did I make 10 "un-paper" towels, but a whole slew of other items.  I made a matching wet bag to hang on the oven.  This way, I can throw in a wet towel and not have dirty laundry laying in the kitchen.  Then I made 2 sandwich bags- complete with a PUL liner.  PUL fabric (which I used in both the wet bag and the sandwich bags) is a waterproof fabric that can be wiped clean.  So if I pack a PB&J sandwich and jelly gets on the bag, no biggie.  Just wipe it down with a sponge.  Genius!  I happened to find 3 fat quarters in the same fabric, but black and made 3 napkins.  And a ruffle tea towel.  And I am just getting started.  I still have 3 days left of house sitting, and over 2 yards of fabric... Once everything is finished Ill take pictures so you can see just how productive I have been.  Did I mention I made homemade granola?  (You can see in the granola picture, the black veggie fabric napkins).  Yum!  I poured a little organic whipping cream from a local creamery on and oh!  It was heaven in a dish.  I will definitely be making the granola recipe again sometime soon.  However now I am pouring Almond Milk on instead of Cream since I don't need the extra calories.  But it sure was a nice treat!  I think I am addicted to both the granola and sewing...and knitting... If only I got paid to sit home and craft!

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