Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pop! Blanket Progress

I am now done with housesitting and back at my parents house.  I have recently been trying to organize my knitting projects.  Instead of always starting a new project, I have decided to try and finish up my in-progress projects.  This week I am concentrating on my POP! blanket.  I started this blanket back in August and sadly it has been dormant ever since.  What is neat about this blanket, is that it is done in small squares and then sewn together at the end.  That means that I can carry a square at a time with me and not have to carry the entire blanket along.  Hopefully now I will be able to get it finished within a reasonable amount of time.  The picture above shows 18 squares using 2 skeins of the noro (the colored yarn).  I have 3 skein left, so I figure the finished size should be perfect for a throw/couch blanket. 

Pop Blanket


  1. I think this is beautiful. Using materials you already own and love can be a great creative challenge!

  2. I love the pops of purple. It is gorgeous