Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Update

Happy Labor Day.  We are celebrating by working...haha.  I worked overnight last night and when I got home Hubby had already left for the day.  Sometimes at work I can cat nap if both the babies are sleeping but I can never count on sleep, which is fine because i am at work.  When I got home this morning while feeding the dogs and letting them have time out of their kennel I worked on the computer and cleaning up a bit.  Around eight I laid down for a nap until one.  I like to listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio from 1-4 when I can.  Since today I dont have my second nanny family, I was free to do so.  While listening to dave, I worked more around the rv and then set off to town to go to the bank.  Ha!  I completely forgot that it was a holiday and the bank was closed.  Bummer!  So I popped in to the grocery store and came directly home.  We are doing a no spend month for September (ill do a whole post about that) so I was only allowed to buy necessities at the store.  No magazines, etc.  I got to listen to Dave on my drive back to the rv.  I find it so inspiring to listen to other people's stories about paying off debt and living frugally.  It doesnt hurt that Dave is hilarious too.  I planned on doing laundry which ended up being tricky.  For the whole rv park, there is one washer and one dryer.  Some of the fancy schmancy rvs have washers and dryers built in, but not ours.  We got the budget version of the rvs.  I had to wait a while to get to use the washer.  When I went to put my clothes in, I found a bullet!  Leave it to Texans to not empty their pockets and have bullets fall out.  It gave me a chuckle.  To save money (unless its raining and we need clothes now) I try and hang dry all our clothes.  With the temperature near 100, the clothes dry super fast outside.  And I save the cost of using the dryer.  So now the clothes are hanging, chicken breasts are thawing in the sink, corn is in the fridge for dinner and I am going to go take a little nap before hubby gets home.  The rest of my week is crazy as I will have both families every day, so I want to stock up on sleep while I can.  Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day!

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