Monday, August 25, 2014

Working Overtime

Hubby and I both agreed that for the time being, we will work as much overtime as possible without over killing ourselves. His work allows him to pick up an extra shift each week.  So he works six 12 hour shifts and then has one day off.  He is home every evening and this works out well for him.  I am nannying for two families.  I work from midnight-7 taking care of two twin 2 month olds.  They are so precious and I can nap inbetween feedings.  Then I go home and nap before going to my second family.  They have 3 kids and homeschool during the mornings.  I go in the afternoons to take them to their activities while the parents go to work.  So I am working 60-70 hours a week right now and hubby works 72. 

 do you see BOTH babies?
  You might wonder why we are working so much when we try to live a simple life.  We spent most of our savings to buy the rv.  Right now we are living off Hubbys income and mine goes directly into savings to rebuild our emergency fund.  We will be needing a new truck in a few years so we want to start saving for that now.  Since we dont have kids (but are starting fertility treatments) we realize that this is a unique time in our lives where we can afford to work a ton.  Hopefully by the time we do have kids, we will have our emergency fund in place as well as some non emergency savings.  We both want me to stay home with any potential kids so it is essential that we learn to live on hubbys income now.  I don't recommend doing this long term (and I really only have my overnight gig until the boys can sleep through the night) but it works for us, for right now. 

I taught one of my afternoon kids how to knit!

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