Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet Harley


Hubby was down in Houston visiting his family and was called to a rescue.  A lady had 3 kittens stuck in her car engine and couldnt get them out.  Hubby was able to remove the bumper and rescue the kittens!  The lady couldn't keep them all so Hubby offered to take one.  This tiny kitten rode all the way home from Houston (about 3 hours) in the saddlebag on Hubby's Harley.   She is the sweetest kitten and not yet weaned.  We are giving her kitten milk from Tractor Supply and she is loving it!  We named her Harley since she rode on the Harley and she is orange, black and grey (Harley Davidson colors).  She is settling in well and very demanding.  The dogs are not sure what to think of her just yet.  Whiskey ignores her and could really care less.  Jack is intrigued and watches her every move.  I am hoping Harley will be a permanent fixture here in the rv. 

 See how tiny she is compared to the pillow?
I took her to work with my on the first day so the kiddos could meet her. 

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