Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A kitchen update

The finished kitchen!
Covering up the ugly wallpaper.  I just tiled over it.
 The "before" picture- check out the valance and wallpaper...
Hubby and I have been improving the rv.  It is amazing how much some paint can change a space.  The wallpaper in the rv was hideous!  I completely painted the kitchen- cabinets and walls.  I found this awesome thin peely tile at Home Depot and used it for the backsplash.  The kitchen is teeny tiny so a small change makes a huge impact!  What do you all think?


  1. Very nice. My friends just bought an RV to take to their farm. The farmhouse burned down ages ago and they've been "living" out of a shed. I think they'll be in the lap of luxury next year with the nifty RV.

  2. I think it looks quite classy, Jessica. I am so glad you didn't have any flooding in your area.