Monday, September 22, 2014

Patience Pays Off

I have been wanting a truck box for my truck for a long time.  Have you seen the prices for truck box?  200...300...400... Not in my budget!  Yesterday hubby took me to the pawn shop because he had seen one out front for sale.  We thought that since it was used, the price would be decent... wrong!  They wanted $200 for a beat up white (white?  my truck is black!  totally wont go) truck box.  The pawn shop employee helpfully suggested I could spray paint it any color I want.   I might be inclined to spray paint a truck box if I got it for free.  Not if I have to pay $200 (but its a really high end brand they said).  As we were getting ready to get in our truck (without a truck box) the pawn shop employee said he would take $150.  We politely said no thank you.  Well at that exact moment a truck pulled up next to us.  The customer says he has a box at home (only lives 5 minutes away) that he will sell us for $100.  We figured it was worth it to go see.  And no, if I was alone I would never have followed him to his house, but I am safe because hubby was there.  Imagine my delight when we get to the guys house and the truck box is double the size of the way too expensive one at the pawn shop.  We handed the nice guy a $100 bill, put the box in the bed of the truck and drove away.  After purchasing a mounting kit at Lowes (less than $20), Hubby was able to install the box on my truck.  Lowes sells this brand and they were asking $329 for the same box.  Ha!  I will gladly take my used box for $100.  Its just going to get beat up anyways.

  Now you might wonder why a girl needs a truck box if I don't work a traditional truck-box style job.  Well, I nanny and there is NO storage in a truck.  My truck is a full size truck and can seat 5 adults comfortably.  My afternoon family requires 2 car seats and a third child all to sit in the back.  So if I want to keep jumper cables for example, I have to keep them on the front seat.  Now I will be able to keep them in my truck box and leave the front seat clear for hubby.  Hurray!


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