Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eating In Weekly Update #1

Hubby and I are trying not to eat out this month.  We have fudged that rule a little but as a whole we are eating in.  That means lots of home cooked meals- like this chicken pot pie.
 I would love to hear about family favorite recipes!  Or ideas for semi-easy frugal meals for us to try.  We have basics that we use like taco night, soup night, etc.  If you have a good recipe I would love to try it out!


  1. 1 lb ground beef
    1 can navy beans (or cooked up dry bean equivalent)
    chopped onion
    Seasoning of choice - cumin, chili pepper, garlic

    Brown the beef w/the onion and seasonings, drain if needed, add the beans. Eat it with Doritoes or just over rice. Add whatever else you like... salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese...

    This has been a simple, quick fix, fav of mine for a long time.

  2. Another one:
    Cheese grits (yellow of course) and fish filets. You should be able to get inexpensive catfish in Texas, I'm guessing.

    Add whatever veggie you like.... roasted okra maybe... should be in season and plentiful in TX.

    Kielbasa Bagels: slice kielbasa sausage, arrange on top of bagel half with one slice covering the hole, top w/mozzarella cheese and broil it... would work well in a toaster oven.

    Miser's Feast: pork, onions, potatoes in a crock pot (google recipe)

    Pretend Egg Rolls: ground bulk sausage and onion - browned, add equalish amount shredded cabbage and let it wilt in the heat of the sausage, roll mixture up in Phyllo dough and bake till browned.

    Favorite soups that you can google recipes for. Just pick the one that suits you best:
    Zuppa Toscana (like at Olive Garden)
    Scotch Broth (traditional Scottish soup made with lamb)
    White Bean Chicken Chili
    Corn Chowder

    Most of the above would be good with cornbread.

    Stringmaker (btw, I left the beef & been recipe above too)