Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday- I only do laundry on sunny days

Not everyone has to look at the weather report before throwing a load in the wash, but I do. We didn't bring our washer with us in our move to Texas.  It was old, didn't always run right or even wash the clothes well so we figured we could buy a used one once we got here.  So far, we have been going to the laundrymat just to wash our clothes.  I definitely get odd looks when I go to wash my clothes and don't use the dryers.  I have a hard time paying for a dryer when I can air dry my clothes.  We lucked out that the house we are renting had clothesline poles up.  We just had to furnish the lines and we were up and running.  So I come home from the laundrymat with baskets of wet laundry and immediately hang them on the line.  We have 4 lines as well as 2 expandible racks and 2 octopus sock hangers so we have plenty of dryer space.  Even in an apartment, as long as there is a deck or some sort of outside space, you could find a way to "hang" clothes.  Lots of people think they can't air dry clothes.  I believe you just need to think outside the box.  If you can't have a clothesline up, you can probably use expandible racks.  They fold flat for storage and are not an eyesore like some people think clotheslines are.
  One of the major drawbacks to not having a dryer is convienence.  If I forget to wash a certain item and it is needed that day, we are at a loss.  If it really came down to life or death, we could use the dryer at the laundrymat.  We sold our dryer in 2010 and have not used one since (other than traveling or staying with my parents).  I don't think everyone needs to line dry their clothes if they don't want to.  Its just one way we save some money and I love the smell of air dried clothes!  And I love crispy towels and pants!  Some people will disagree.  I am thankful that Hubby is on board with using the clothesline.  He lovingly installed the lines when we first moved into the rental house.  More than once we have had to run out to grab our clothes before an unexpected rain storm.
  Do you use a clothes line?  Dryer?  A little of both?

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  1. Hi,
    I use the line quite a lot and discovered over the years that it is okay for them to get rained on! In fact the most wrinkle free and soft clothes are the ones that spend the night on the line or spend 24 hours on the line (just don't leave colors in the sun too long). Check the weather and if you are to have a couple days of overcast and rain, bring in the laundry but if it is just a shower... it won't hurt the clothes. Linen works especially well for line drying and coming out soft and smooth after an overnight on the line.