Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grocery Savings Tips

Our grocery budget it pretty tight so I try and maximize what I can get for the least amount of money.  I have a grocery secret.  Are you ready?... I LOVE the clearance sections!  Randalls, Target, CVS, etc.  What I love even more is being able to use a coupon on an item in the clearance section.  Last week I stopped by Target.  They had advertised a coupon for $10 off a $50 grocery purchase.  Any grocery purchase.  I loaded up my coupon binder and marched in to the store ready for the challenge.  I figured if I could find clearance food items, and use my manufacturers coupon AND get $10 off I would consider it a win!  Using my calculator on my phone, I began adding up my totals as I put items in my cart.  I put over $80 worth of food on the conveyor belt at the register.  After coupons, I only paid $30 out of pocket.  Score!  By stocking up on items I know we will use when they are at their rock bottom prices, I am able to save more money than buying the same items at their normal prices.  Just because an item is on the clearance rack doesn't mean it will expire soon.  Sometimes the packaging in changing, or the promotion is over so the store needs to clear the shelves quick.  I was able to score some granola bars just because they had a holiday package and that holiday was passed.  So, when you are out shopping don't ignore the clearance section!

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