Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cheaper than the Dollar Menu

People who say they can't afford to cook at home and instead go order off the dollar menu make me mad.  Now I have eaten my fair share of dollar menu meals so no argument there.  My gripe is when people believe that its cheaper to eat there.  Tonight I made a chicken pasta meal and it was delicious!  And each portion was less than a dollar!  My local Randalls has a clearance section that I adore!  The other day I stocked up on these Kraft Recipe Makers.  Normally they are $2.20 for the box (essentially just the sauce).  Since these were on clearance I paid $1.10 each.  The box doesn't include the pasta or meat, but that's okay because I have a stock pile of both!  This is where couponing and stockpiling can be incredibly helpful.  I never pay more than $1 per box of pasta.  I try to keep my meat costs around $1/lb.  

My cost break-down is as follows-
Sauce $1.20
Chicken 2 lbs @ $1.79= $3.58
Pasta $.80
Total $5.58
6 meals = $.93 per meal

Because I shopped sales and clearance I am able to feed my family delicious, inexpensive and wholesome meals.  No dollar menu tonight!

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