Friday, June 13, 2014

Apartment Tour- The office farmhouse makeover

Apartments can be tricky to decorate.  Some people don't  bother.  I do!  I want my home to be cozy.  I want it to feel as if we have lived here forever.  Maybe its because we moved so often with the military that I am extremely partial to a well lived in home.  Our apartment is a little 2 bedroom 1 bath space.  Storage is scarce so we get creative.  Our office has no space for a real bookshelf.  I put up shelves all along the ceiling.  Cheap ikea brackets that I painted yellow tie the shelves into the rest of the decor.  We removed the gross apartment blinds and I gave the window a frosted treatment.  The plants and birds LOVE all the light and I love knowing neighbors are not looking in...

So what do you think of my transformation?

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