Monday, June 13, 2011

WIPs (works in progress)

Today was a perfect day for finishing up knitting projects that are laying around the house. For example, the shawl I knit on our trip to NY is done and just needed to be blocked (washed and stretched to dry). Same with a second shawl I knit since NY. I had to knit a hot pad for a package I am sending out.

I set the shawl on the floor (before washing)and the cats decided to investigate.

"Hmm the human is giving us a super soft offering. Buttons, come here"

"I dont know Mittens...looks suspicious"

"oh ok, ill join you. Wow, you sure knew what you were talking about, this is soft!"

Once I washed and blocked the shawls, you can really see the lace patterns. The brown and white one was made from a Ravelry pattern. I made up the all brown one as I went. Turned out pretty good!

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