Friday, June 24, 2011

A daily dose of fiber aka the making of yarn

(draped over the wheel before any spinning was done)

Yesterday I finished spinning up 8oz of this blue roving. I had bought it at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival two years ago, and never did anything with it. It took me about 2 weeks to get it spun. Yesterday I finished up, washed it and now its hanging to dry. I cant wait to knit with it!

(spinning on the bobbin)

(against a quarter to show the size)

I have a lot of fiber goals coming up. Starting on July 2nd is the Tour de Fleece. Essentually it is a competition (a friendly one at that) to knit every day that the cyclists ride during the Tour de France. When they take rest days, so do we. I am hoping to spin up a lot of fiber from my stash and then ill have even more yarn to knit with. Secondly, I promised to knit a aran sweater for my Uncle Cal. Yesterday the pattern came in the mail. I just have to buy the needles and get started. Thirdly, I am trying to see how many shawls I can knit in 2011. So far the count is 3. If I can get a total of 6 plus the sweater done before the end of the year Ill be a happy camper!

(winding on the swift)

(taking a bath in the kitchen sink)

(hanging to dry in the shower)

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