Monday, June 20, 2011

A Farm-y Update

I havent posted much about the farm goings on lately because a-my camera card wasnt working and b- i might be a tad bit lazy. So here goes. Ill show pictures to catch you all up.

1st- the turkeys are getting big! they are actually looking and acting like turkeys.

2nd- Suprise and Delight (the two new goats) are adorable. I would never give them special attention...not me...never...ok so what if I like them best right now? so what if they get extra rations of feed...

3rd- The 19 meat chicks are going to the butcher on Sat, along with our surplus of roosters. We are looking forward to more chicken diners.

4th- Hugs finally moved to his new pen. I hate to call the adorable baby goat that everyone is smitten with a pervert, but if you know ANYTHING about billy goats I dont have to explain... this weekend was the final straw and he now has a new pen. He is NOT happy with this new arrangement and he is currently letting the world know. He even complains to the cat, who doesnt listen...

(hugs looks depressed behind bars)

(he tries to tell Mittens his sorrows)

5th- The garden is alive! We got our first harvest of new potatoes this week and are going to cook them with our fresh chicken. Check out the tomatoes! And we are going to have a huge surplus of squash. Maybe I can pawn some off on friends...beware!

(land of squash)



(cantelope and lettuce)

(sweet potatoes)

6th- I dont have a picture of them yet, but today we adopted 8 ducklings. They were free and I cant say no to anything so small. Duck eggs are our biggest sellers so we figured they would be a good investment.

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