Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love a Good Bargain

I have to admit, I love a good bargain! Which is exactly why I love shopping at Goodwill. Tonight, while hubby and I ran into town to pick up some fencing, we stopped at Goodwill. Hubby may just like it as much as I do. We spent $26 and came home with a new birdcage, 3 records, 3 vintage childrens books, 1 book for me, 1 ceramic tea cup, with a strainer and matching lid, a jewelry box (check out the lady feeding the chickens and turkeys!) and a mini frame. Now, thats a good bargain!

We had gone into town to buy fencing for Hug's new digs. We bought a roll at Tractor Supply, but the price had gone up $10 since buying our last roll. Later, we found less expensive fencing at Lowes that will work just as well. We went back to the feed store to return the original fence. I am sure the cashier didnt like us too much. The bargain lovers hubby and I are liked the Lowes fencing better.

When we left for town, the weather was hot and sunny. When we came out of Goodwill, the sky was black, and there was lightning and thunder. The storm is still entertaining us. Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

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