Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Back

Wow, I have been away from the blogging world for what seems like forever. We have had a busy couple weeks here and now we are back to normal (i think). To bring you up to speed Ill give the short version of our comings and goings.
For memorial day, we went to a ceremony at the VFW (Vetrens of Foreign Wars) Hall. We were part of a very moving ceremony despite the 100 degree weather. After the ceremony we were served refreshments inside. We were joined at our table by our town's gold star family. This couple lost their young son in Afghanistan in 2009. The way the father spoke of his deceased son brought tears to my eyes. There was no grudge holding going on in that family, at least not publicly. They spoke with such pride and honor of their son. I can not pretend to know what they are going through. I do know that they are in our prayers as well as all the other families who have lost loved ones.
The highlight of this past week was when my grandparents came out for a visit. Hubby was away for the week training so he didnt get to see them. We had a great time downtown Frederick and at the farm. My grandpa picked out a cherry tree to be planted on the farm. My grandma is known for her roses (among other things) so she selected a rose bush for us. The weather was too hot to be digging and planting. We took pictures of them and their plants. I cant wait to watch the tree and rose thrive at the farm. Everytime I eat a future cherry, or smell a future rose I will be reminded of this most recent trip. My grandparents left on thursday and hubby returned on friday.
Today, we welcomed two new additions to our ever growing farm. We brought home two saanen doe kids (translation- two all white girl baby goats). The saanen breed is known for its milk production. Like the Jersey cow of the goat breed. They have been accepted into the herd and spent the better part of the afternoon munching on green leaves from the trees. We will have to build Hugs a new home and pen as he is discovering he is a boy. We dont want any unplanned pregnancies here, so he will be moved to a seperate but nearby pen.
Since last winter, our lawn mower has been parked in the middle of the backyard. Sat there through snow, heat and torrentual downpours. I think we get an A+ for lawn mower maintenance right? One of my girlfriends let us borrow her push mower. Hubby and I have been mowing ever since. Our neighbor behind us, saw us mowing and took pity on us. It seems his hobby is fixing mowers and he agreed to take on our not moving riding mower. As I pushed the mower around the front yard I couldnt help but think how quickly it all would go sitting on a riding mower drinking ice tea...instead I was sweating (remember its super hot here) and pushing a heavy piece of machinery. Hopefully Chris, our neighbor will be able to fix the mower AND the tiller. Wont that be the day! He refused any payment for his services "Neighbors should be neighborly" he says. We sent him home with venison and eggs, since we are being neighborly and all...
As we go into the upcoming week we are excited about our new goats. We are happy to have the whole lawn mowed. We are looking forward to having everything fixed and running. No more visitors are planned (although anyone is welcome! always!) and nothing big is on the books. We are looking forward to things getting back to normal as we establish our warmer weather routines.

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