Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where Mr Storm flirts with Jessica and Chicks learn to swim

All day yesterday the weatherman predicted heavy severe storms. Flood warnings, Tornado watches, all the fun stuff. When I left work at 6 yesterday it was 80 and perfectly sunny. I knew better than to trust the skies. I knew once night came, we wouldnt be able to see the storm clouds approach. I knew this. Last night I fell asleep watching and listening to the thunderstorms that did come as predicted. I opened both the french doors in the bedroom, so that the only thing protecting me from the raging storm flirting outside, was the double screen door. I sat in bed reading, until the lightning was too tempting. I turned off the lights and let the storm tell me a bed time story.
I woke up to the very same storm, still sticking around in the morning. Actually Mr Storm woke me up before 5 with rain pelting my face. At 6, when hubby got up Mr Storm was still around. He lingered around until I couldnt sleep anymore. I thought I would get up early and start the morning chores. I looked out my window to see a man standing in my driveway, dressed all in black, holding a black umbrella. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Mr Black slowly turned and walked up my driveway and across the street. Hmm...
I got dressed and made a pot of coffee. I have figured out that if I start the coffee before my chores, I will be rewarded with hot coffee as soon as I am done. I headed downstairs to get my work shoes. Imagine the sight laid before me as I headed down the hallway downstairs. Water was coming in the laundry room door, pooling in the laundry room and heading right down my carpeted hallway. No doubt if I hadnt kicked it out, it would have continued on its merry way. No sir, Mr Storm was not going to bring all his baggage into this relationship. I tried to end the relationship right then and there. I put a towel on the outside of the door to discourage any more water from coming in. Figured I would shop vac the water when I came back in from chores.
I opened the door to even more standing water. I guess standing isnt really the word. Water was cascading down the steps onto my back porch. Some people pay to have water falls in their yards. I just court Mr Storm, and get them for free! I dreaded heading out to the barn. It was then, that the man in black appeared. Turns out, the man in black, is really my neighbor, whose elderly dog went missing in the storm. I assured him, that should I find his ailing dog, I would return him, or keep him safe until he could be returned. On to the barn I went. One foot in the barn, and the water came up over my shoe. Not. Good. At. All. A barn is supposed to be dry. A barn is supposed to keep its animals sheltered from the storm. Oh no, not this barn. Checked on bunnies in the barn. Everyone was fine, since their cages are well off the ground. The pullets I wasnt worried about, since they have nesting boxes and roosting bars to get up off the ground. It was then that I turned to check on the chicks. With only chicken wire for a base to their brooder (so that they can eat the grass when outside) the same water that was hiding my feet was in their brooder. The poor chicks had water up to their wings. Luckily these chicks are older and meat chicks, so they arent lacking in the floatation device department. A little distressed? sure. A little wet? yup. Any worse for the wear? No siree. I piled them all in a plastic tub, brought them into my less wet than the barn, laundry room. I proceeded to find them a suitable cage, and set them up to dry off in the laundry room.
Once back inside, I faced the dilema of the water in the laundry room. I got out our shop vac (shop vac- i will be a spokeswoman for you anyday!) and cleaned up the floors. I cleaned up the hallway (carpet is so much harder to clean). No wonder the carpets are stained! I am thinking of putting in concrete floors. Wouldnt that be so much easier? I could just mop and be done! Well, maybe someday we can put in hardwood instead of carpet. Someday.
The moral of the story is dont flirt with Mr Storm. Sure, some men send flowers. Mr Storm tempts you with gorgeous boquets of lightning. But, like any rejected man will do, he does not leave on nice terms. No, he brings all his baggage into the relationship and will leave it in your laundry room!
PS- I do NOT advise you to purposly see if your chicks too can swim. It is not an experience my chicks wish to revisit and its definitely not safe. I am extremely thankful that no one was hurt in my fling with Mr Storm.
PPS- The thunder and lightning just started again. Perhaps Mr Storm is mad i am blogging about our relationship...Sorry Mr Storm, I just wanted to warn the other young women out there...

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