Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Birds, The Bees and the ... Bunnies?

Our week this week has focused on three things (mainly). The Birds, the bees and bunnies. The birds- the chickens are developing like crazy. The chicks are huge! We are planning a massive coop redesign for the up and coming chicks. The bees- Our bees are scheduled to come next week. Up until yesterday, our hives still had not arrived. Me, being the self appointed stresser of all things, was worrying my head off. What am I supposed to do with a hive of bees, and no hive to put them in? I lost sleep over this one. Finally, they came in the mail. Today I rushed out to Home Depot to buy paint. The paint is fittingly named Araucana Blue. Which I take as a sign, since today we got our first blue egg from our Araucana hen. See? It all focuses on the birds and bees. You are wondering where the bunnies come into play? No new births or deaths in the bunny world. An angora did manage to escape but Hubby found/caught it. Bunnies make it on the blog because they are too darn cute. See pictures for any explanation.


  1. Cute bunnies, but the pink eyes freak out my husband! Good luck with your beekeeping.

  2. hooray for hives! we worked on ours this week and Bri said it looks like we are going to get a decent spring honey crop!

    cute bunnies. :)

  3. hip- i am not expecting to get too much honey our first year, so i will be excited with anything!
    thanks homesteader! the pink eyes are kinda creepy...

  4. Good luck with your beekeeping! My bees are working hard on the spring flowers and the oil seed rape.