Thursday, April 7, 2011


It seems like death has been the theme around here recently. This morning I discovered my favorite chick, Little Guy, was dead. Little Guy, the chick that I saved and spent so much time caring for. I was extremely sad to see him go, but having no choice, scooped him up with the shovel and disposed of his body. In the past two weeks we have lost 10 chicks and a bunny. Not a good 2 week record. However on the farm, it seems when there is death, there is also birth. I posted last night about the baby bunnies who are thriving. If Marshmallow did impregnate the 2 angora ladies, they will be due this week. I am not sure how well he "worked", but we are giving the girls until next week before we put them in with Fluffy the new angora stud. Today we are also reintroducing the first mama bunny back with her baby daddy. Its a circle of life and I understand it. we would be completely overrun with animals if they never died. It doesnt make it any easier though... Poor Little Guy.


  1. So sorry Jessica! You gave him such a fighting chance... and added days to his life span.