Friday, April 8, 2011

A portrait of a man

This is what sits on top of Hubby's gun cabinet. The beret is finishing up drying, all stiff and new. The flag is a flag Hubby flew in the skies of Iraq. This is coming from a man who is required to report to work without knowing when he will get paid. If the government shuts down as planned, there is no telling when soldiers will get paid. All that conisdered, when I came home from work tonight I found hubby shaving his beret. To get the perfect shape, he soaked it in water and proceeded to walk around until it dried (using the hairdryer to speed it up at some point). Hubby bought new combat boots today. He takes pride in his job and the uniform he wears, no matter what the pay. Being proud to wear a uniform doesnt get the mortgage paid, or dinner on the table. Being proud to wear the uniform means we will shell out gas money to get hubby to and from work, and trust that the government will work everything out. I could go on and on about how mad I am at the government. How I have no idea how we are supposed to pay bills if we arent getting paid. But what would be the point. No matter what hot mess the government is in, we support our country. Come Monday morning, Hubby will put on his uniform, zip up his jacket, lace up his new combat boots and don his perfectly shaped beret. He will go to work for a government and not ask "when". He will do what needs to be done, along with all the other soldiers. He is proud of his job, of his uniform, of his country. And I am proud of him. Thank you Hubby for all you do for the government, the country and me. I love you!

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  1. thank goodness for him and those like him. crisis averted for now. i was in the same boat- i was considered essential and was told to report. my leave for the week was canceled. now it looks like i will be on leave after all!