Monday, April 4, 2011

What a day!

Today started out with me digging a grave, and ended with a severe storm, with plenty of activities in between. This morning on my usual rounds, I discovered Marshmallow had passed during the night. As you know, this was expected, but still sad. So my day started off with me burying a bunny. At least now he can be in peace.

The rest of the day only got better from there. I spent the mid morning hanging out with my friend Michelle. It was good to catch up with her and her kiddos. I returned home to start knitting a hat for hubby (who always has a cold head). I was in the mood to watch Twilight, so I settled in with my knitting, the dogs and the vampires. This afternoon found me enjoying the 80 degree weather. I donned shorts and worked outside. We had a bunch of peony bulbs from Costco that I finally put in the ground. I cant wait until they are big and plentiful. They will look great with my hydrangeas! After gardening, I took my spinning wheel out to the deck to practice. My parents gifted me my wheel for my birthday, and I am ashamed to admit that I am not very good. Granted, when I look at the yarn I spun first off I definitely have improved. I still have a long way to go. The yarn I plied today is actually useable. My first attempts produced a product that would be embarassed to be called yarn. This afternoon? real yarn. There is not very much, but its a start. I think the setting and the view made the yarn come together.

Hubby and I did our evening rounds together checking in on the animals as we went. After dinner, we sat on the couch to watch New Moon, with Whiskey and Jack. As I type, Hubby is in bed and I am enjoying the "severe thunderstorm" they have been calling for all day. With today in the 80s and tomorrow not making it to 50, no wonder the weather is at odds. The wind is howling like crazy, slamming doors and whistling through the house. I am sure the power will go out. Its been so windy lately we havent bothered to reset the clocks. Every clock in the house is blinking a different time. We rely on our cell phones for the correct time. I personally like not knowing or caring what time it is (only on my days off). I wake up with the sun (and the roosters) and I go to bed when I am tired. I eat when I am hungry, and the rest of the day just is. I am going to go sit on the couch now, enjoy the howling wind and wait for the darkness that I am convinced will follow.

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