Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uh, honey...can you come up here?

Hubby and I were settled in, watching The Good Life with the hounds. He went upstairs to get a glass of milk. "Honey, can you come up here? I think the fridge is broke" Upon inspection, the fridge itself is working, but its personal outlet has given up. Hubby assures me that tomorrow (after work and poker and a trip to Home Depot) he can fix it. Until then, the fridge is plugged into an extension cord (yes, yes, I know its not ideal but what can we do?) that is plugged in to the working outlet. Hopefully tomorrow night this will all be resolved. I am so thankful that just the outlet is out and we dont have to replace the whole fridge. Definitely not in the budget! On a much better note, its about 9:30 at night and still gorgeous out. Granted it is dark, but its warm and has a nice breeze. All the windows in the house are open. I think the low tonight is supposed to be around 50. I am loving this weather! Goodnight all...

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