Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nice Weather

Today is such a gorgeous day! Forgive me for not writing a long post. Hubby and I are maximizing our time in the sun (working of course). Piles of leaves are being burnt, seeds were planted and the yard is generally looking better. While hubby was at work, I took the dogs down to the woodline to scout out a place for the bee hives. Tuesday's class touched on the perfect location. Whiskey, Jack and I went out in search of such a place. We found perfect-enough. The bee hives will be set up down by the old garden plot, future corn plot. They will have morning and afternoon sun, evening shade, shelter from the wind, and out of the way enough to not be bothered. The two canines and myself were having a lovely time in the sun exploring, until they found a chunk of animal hide. That ended our adventure! Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. Its a pity I have to work. Such is life... Well friends, I am back outside to enjoy the last of the suns rays until I can enjoy them again on Sat. Adios.

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