Saturday, March 19, 2011

dreaming of green

We were completely spoiled the past couple of days. Yesterday reached up to 79 degrees, and I was at work. This weekend is starting out well (as well as it can be at 7am on a sat). During these nice days I find myself dreaming about the farm being green. Its hard to imagine the backyard looking like it did in the picture above (when we first got Jackie back in October). Right now I can see straight back through the woods. There are no leaves on the trees to add mystery to the forest. If I look closer, I can see tiny green buds on the branches, just trying to peek out. Its coming, spring is really coming. Hubby and I are planning the veggie garden. We have the less hardy seeds started indoors, and the cold tolerant outside. Hopefully this weekend we will get the potatoes and rhubarb in the ground. I have peonies ready to plant, and hydrangeas on order. I am itching to get the plants in the ground, but will just have to wait. The nice weather is just a tease. It is supposed to snow on wed... still, I can dream right?

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