Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday was yet another sunny gorgeous day. I was lucky enough to get off work at 2. After donating to goodwill, and returning books to the library, I rushed home to the farm. A year ago, I would have taken the afternoon and gone shopping, charging everything to the credit card. Not anymore. All I can think about when I am out is home, and the animals. I miss the way the chickens talk as they explore. I miss the baby bunnies snuggling against my hands. I miss the dogs playing and laying their heads on my lap. Shopping? no thanks... Home? Yes sir!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the animals. The chicks all got new bedding, and the bathroom got a good vacuum. We let all of the big girls out for the afternoon. Normally just the original 4 and Joseph are allowed to free roam. Only because I am afraid the new girls wont recognize the coop as theirs. It was too nice yesterday to keep them in. I proped open their screen door and out they went. They never went far from the coop, and in the evening, they tucked themselves into their nest boxes. They will be confined today since I will be working late and hubby is gone all day. He did get to come home semi early yesterday, and I enjoyed every minute!

(I just think they are so gorgeous!)

The geese were loving the warm weather, and I was loving taking their picture. Even if they did hiss at me. The goats were out and about too. They race about their pen, leap up on the dog igloo and jump high while kicking their back legs. I make sure that I am on the outside of the pen... Its really fun to watch. They jump on everything- cinder blocks, dog houses, rocks... They did take a minute to pose for pictures ;)

Anyone home? This is a common view from inside the coop looking out to the goats pen...
Even the finches got to enjoy the sun.

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